Esteemed colleagues,

    It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 17th European Congress of Psychology!

    Slovenia with its capital Ljubljana is located in the heart of central Europe and its culture is defined by being a crossroads between north and south, east and west for more than 2000 years. Ljubljana is the place where different ideas meet and enrich each other.

    The same goes for ECP2022 - organizers and the Scientific Committee are committed to make ECP2022 a place where fresh psychological ideas will meet ideas from other fields of science. Hence the title of the Congress:

    Psychology as the Hub Science: Opportunities and Responsibility

    According to Boyack’s analysis of all scientific journals’ citations Psychology is one of seven hub sciences (the others are: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Social sciences and Medicine). So the impact of psychology on other sciences is substantial and important. That brings psychology immense number of Opportunities: collaborations, accelerated growth, influencing, improving services... etc. But also Responsibility: psychological findings are being used by a wide crowd of practitioners from many different fields.

    For ECP 2022 we are hoping not only to attract scholars and practitioners with fresh ideas and insights from all fields of psychology but researchers from other sciences that link to psychology as well. Our goal is to initiate fruitful collaboration and dialog among colleagues and like-minded professionals.

    Students’ day @ ECP2022. 17th ECP in Ljubljana is making a strong emphasis on attracting psychology students from all over Europe and the world by organizing a special “Students’ congress day”. This day is dedicated to students’ research presentations, workshops, keynote speakers by students’ choice and of course, partying. The Students’ day is organized in association with EFPSA and local psychology students’ organizations.

    17th European Congress of Psychology is organized by Slovenian Psychologists’ Association under auspices of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) and with support by three mayor Slovenian universities, Ministry of Education, Mayor and the City council of Ljubljana, Slovenian Tourist Board and other prominent organizations.

    ECP2022 will be held in Cankarjev Dom, Slovenia’s major cultural and congress venue. Its size is just right for ECP2022: not too small that delegates would be packed together and not too big that delegates would be lost in the huge amenity. With many foyers and caffees it offers ideal location for informal meetings and networking. Most hotels in Ljubljana are located within walking distance to the congress venue. Don’t like walking? Free city transport will be available for all ECP 2022 delegates!

    Probably you already heard of Slovenia’s natural beauties and cultural monuments, many of them on UNESCO World heritage list. Maybe you have visited our beautiful small country before. In any case we are sure you’ll be glad you have come (back). There is so much more to discover!

    Coming to Ljubljana, Slovenia is easy as there are good traffic connections with all transportation means.

    We are confident that colleagues from all over the world will find their stay in Ljubljana extremely pleasant.

    We are excited about welcoming you in Ljubljana in summer 2022!

    Yours respectfully,

    Marko Vrtovec
    Slovenian Psychologists’ Association

    * Article: Mapping the backbone of science (Boyack, K., Klavans, R. & Börner, K. Scientometrics (2005) 64: 351.
    Dear colleagues

    It is with great pleasure that we look forward to the 17th European Congress of Psychology in Ljubljana in 2022.

    Our European Congresses create opportunities for conversation, reflection, and learning. They offer new insights and skills in a collegial and appreciative community. For us as Psychologists, this 17th European Congress of Psychology is an occasion to reflect on our professional competences also in dialogue with other sciences and professions.

    Diverse changes bring special challenges for Psychology. This has just been made clear once again by the time of the pandemic. And the concern for people's lives in freedom and self-determination, as well as the concern for sustainable development, drives us on, also for the time when the pandemic should be over. Psychology is manifold, and with this diversity it offers great possibilities to meet individual problems and societal challenges.

    Psychological theory and practice also reflect the skills of other sciences and professions. The strength of Psychology as a hub science is always a challenge, but also an obligation. The immense challenges facing society demand that we build bridges to other sciences and professions and cooperate intensively with them.

    We all want to use our knowledge and skills in dialogue with other sciences and in cooperation with other professions to help. ECP 2022 invites us to reflect our strengths, to develop our competencies, and to strengthen our identity. This Congress is the best place to celebrate unity of Psychology and to develop its richness in dialogue with other sciences and professions. Psychology helps to connect, especially at the ECP 2022 in Ljubljana!

    Prof. Dr. Christoph Steinebach

    EFPA President